1. GH4: C4K Profile Settings Test from Zachary Surprenant on Vimeo.

    GH4 4K Profile Tests

    I looked around online to find a number of different Profile Settings for the GH4. I tried Natural on another day, but didn’t like the results, and plan to stick with Cine D and Cine V. Shots are taken with an 80-200mm FD Lens (Which tends to be a little soft and renders image a little milky), and a 34mm Jackarr Snapshooter Lens (Which has some interesting Bokeh).

    I was originally going to use Film Convert to do a quick grade, but I had to use the computers at work for a much faster render, so I ended up using Lumetri Looks in Premiere CC (Cinematic 2) as well as an RGB Curve. I like to grade as much as the next guy, but I wanted to see what a single unified look by a professional would look like across the board with an added curve to push the image. When you see Film Convert in the Settings in the Video, it simply means Film Convert’s Profile Setting that they have listed. I also added Sharpen to all settings that had it turned down, and all Slow Mo Shots at the end.

    I originally had another test, but due to it’s shaky-ness, decided to redo it with the camera sitting on my camera bag.

    Settings Explained:

    All shots are 0-255 converted to 16-235 in post. Shot in Camera C4K 8Bit converted to 1080p.

    iDynamic/iResolution off for all settings

    The opening MISC Setting was the Dragon (Later explained) setting without the color shift or Sharpness and Noise Reduction turned down, I later use that.

    James Miller: Cine D, everything turned down to -5. Shadows and Highlights +2, -2 respectively. He has some test videos along with some settings made for Philip Bloom and I see great results on his end.

    James Miller: Cine V, everything everything turned down to -5. Shadows and Highlights +2, -2 respectively, Master Pedestal +15. Again, has videos with great results, but I’m not sure how I feel about turning up the Master Pedestal, but his results are great.

    Dragon: Cine D, only Sharpness and Noise Reduction Turned down to -3, Shadows and Highlights +1, -4 respectively, and WB Adjustment 2Amber 2Green. Found in a RED Dragon User Forum from someone who tested GH4 and RED Dragon attempting to match. Prioritizing saving highlights, but only barely raising shadows to reduce introducing noise.

    Driftwood: Cine D, Everything turned down to -2 like a GH2. The Infamous Nick Driftwood has a few videos out, and seemed to like this setting straight out of camera.

    Film Convert Low Contrast: No Changes except to Shadows and Highlights +5, -5 respectively. Listed on their site as the setting for Low Contrast.

    Slow Mo:
    I threw in a few slow mo shots, one at 96 another at 60, both are over crank in camera at 24.00 FHD 100/Mbs. Will do a test with them against each other later.

    Take Aways:

    C4K Profiles Test

    Cine D- Great profile as is. I like how sharp the image is, it grades well, no noise is being introduced. I kind of prefer this setting as is. It just works and can give you a rich look.

    Cine V- Not my favorite, but both Cine’s are better than the other profiles (including natural). Doesn’t have the color richness that Cine D does.

    James Miller D- This might be another go to setting as it gets a flatter image without too much noise. For both James Miller D and V the F8 (blown out) shots I added saturation back, but the F11 (Less blown out) I couldn’t get to look right, and only added a deeper RGB Curve.

    James Miller V-

    Dragon- The major changes to this setting are really lowering the highlights and barely lifting the shadows, along with the WB Adjustments. I have to say that this setting is giving me a great look that I really like. Probably my main setting from now on.

    Driftwood- While I didn’t dislike this setting, I felt it was just a waste of time looking at it, as it is very similar to plain Cine D and Low Contrast, but in a weird middle purgatory.

    Film Convert Low Contrast - This profile came out much better than I thought it would. I expected a lot of noise and the image to not hold up in grading, especially since I wasn’t using Film Convert, but I must say that I will definitely continue using this setting for a really flat image, it really makes the colors pop out.


    I know that I added a STEEP RGB curve to the footage which some might say is too digital or unrealistic, or too green etc, but I wanted to push the footage to see what I could get for a range, and I also didn’t have much time, and the Cinematic 2 Look from Lumetri in Premiere just wasn’t doing enough. I do really love all the color in these images though. A side note it was very hard pulling focus on the 80-200mm (Later tests show difficulty on other lenses as well due to the lower res) in 1080 96fps or 60fps, had to not include them because of it.

    At F8 for the 80-200mm the camera was a little blown out on the Histogram, so i restarted at F11 with the histogram only dead center, but in post some became a little blown out when adding a little to the RGB Curve.

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  2. Kyle Warner Big Mountain Enduro stage 6 win from kyle warner on Vimeo.

    Full winning pov race run down stage 6 at the 3rd round of the 2014 Big Mountain Enduro.

    Thanks to all my sponsors

    Marin Bikes, SR Suntour, Incrediwear, Smith Optics, Xpedo, Amain.com, Shimano, Enve, Stealth Hubs, MRP, Cane Creek, Deity, Ame Grips, Stages Power, Rockwell Time, Boombotix, SDG, Maxxis, Pearl Izumi, Muscle Pharm, TNT Athletic Performance, Renew,G - Form, Dragon Graphics and Greenline Cycles

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  3. A7s UHD > CYP 4K HDMI scaler > Ninja Star from James Miller on Vimeo.

    A few clips shot with the Sony A7s and hardware CYP 4K HDMI scaler box going into the Atomos Ninja Star.
    Shot in Slog2 at 3,200 ISO with Vizelex Vari ND adapter. (thrown a LUT on there for speed)

    Detail level set to -6 and Zero is too sharp with the scaler and it’s method for downscaling.

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  4. BRIDGE TO BRIDGE from Dreamland Skateparks on Vimeo.

    Bridge to Bridge is a view into the world of skatepark building and more notably, the evolution that exists between renegade DIY projects and local government funded skateparks. This short documentary, Bridge to Bridge gives a glimpse into the amount of effort, passion and sheer dedication it takes to construct the nation’s largest covered skatepark and the key players that pour their sweat and blood into the making of these vast concrete structures.

    Also a full DVD version is currently in production and will be available soon. Visit us here, are Facebook, and website for more information.


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  5. Making Room from The Music Bed on Vimeo.

    License scores from Bradford Nyght on The Music Bed: tmb.fm/Brad-Nyght

    For Philip Bloom, the path to success hasn’t been a sprint. It’s been a patient journey marked by an intentional separation between work, art, and life. Years of building a film career has shown him that the greatest rewards in life come when you’re creating space for the relationships that matter most.

    Hear Philip’s curated Playlist on TMB: tmb.fm/PB-Playlist

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  6. Habitat Skateboards is “Movin Right Along”. from Habitat Skateboards on Vimeo.

    It’s official! Habitat Skateboards is “Movin RIght Along”.

    Habitat will be joining the Tum Yeto Collective. New products available this Summer. Check us out at Agenda booth # BX57

    Filmed & Edited by Joe Castrucci

    Produced by Joe Castrucci & Brennan Conroy

    In association with Tum Yeto

    Stefan Janoski
    Fred Gall
    Silas Baxter-Neal
    Brian Delatorre
    Alex Davis
    Mark Suciu
    Daryl Angel
    Danny Garcia
    Marius Syvanen

    With Special Guests
    Austyn Gillette
    Jason Dill
    Matt Costa

    Additional Filming
    Miguel Valle
    Sebastian Abes
    Martin Reigel

    Still Photography
    John Humphries
    Jessica Janoski

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  7. Barcelona GO! from Rob Whitworth on Vimeo.

    BARCELONA in Flow-Motion - A fast moving short film….

    In few other cities is it possible to walk from spectacular location to spectacular location. I had a fantastic time adventuring around Barcelona’s winding streets making this film.

    Special thanks to Ferran Macià Edo and his colleagues from Agència Catalana de Turisme (Catalan Tourism Board) for helping me get access to shoot at numerous stunning locations including:

    Museu Nacional d’Art de Catalunya
    Gran Teater del Liceu
    Sagrada Familia
    Museu D’Historia De Barcelona
    Palau de la Música
    Santa Maria del Pi

    And an extra special thanks to Marta Garriga Bardalet for patiently modelling during an uncharacteristically cold and rainy day.

    My time in numbers:
    363 hours work
    75 Hours Logistics and Travel
    31 Hours Scouting and Location Finding
    78 Hours Shooting
    179 Hours Post Production

    26014 Camera Raw Files
    817gb of data

    Kit List
    Nikon D800 DSLR
    Nikon D7100 DSLR
    Nikon D7100 DSLR
    Nikon D3200 DSLR
    Nikon 10.5mm f/2.8G ED AF DX Fisheye
    NIkon 10-24mm f/3.5-4.5G ED AF-S DX
    Nikon 16-35 f/4G AF-S VR Zoom Nikkor
    Nikon 28mm AF f/2.8D
    Nikon 50mm f/1.4G AF-S
    Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED AF-S VR II
    Promote Control

    Sound Design and Music: Slava Pogorelsky
    Email: kultenyeuk@walla.com
    Facebook: facebook.com/Kultenyeuk

    Rob Whitworth
    Website: robwhitworth.co.uk/
    Email: rob@robwhitworth.com.hk
    Facebook: facebook.com/RobWhitworthPhotography
    Twitter: twitter.com/kwhi02

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  8. If In Doubt Paddle Out (Short Film) from MR Blackman on Vimeo.

    An indie homage to the Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze cult surfing crime capper Point Break. If In Doubt Paddle Out, because you’ll never find yourself until you find your wave!

    Written & Directed by: Andrew R. Blackman

    Cast (in order of appearance):

    Thomas: Thomas Persson
    Bikini Mechanic: Cecilia Hanson
    Bikini Babe One: Meisje Van Nederland
    Bikini Bade Two: Kristina Alt
    Old Surf Mistic: João Lopez Sr.
    The Bodhisattva: Gonzalo Oso´rio
    Surfer Girl: Catia Menina Cavalo
    Surfer Girls Friend: Noora Svahn

    Thomas’ surf board built by Nico at Wave Gliders


    Peter Oehlers
    Benjamin Battell
    Lea Sitkin
    Sally Sally
    Gemma Perez Perez
    Hannah Hall
    Sarah Stevns
    Max Groppfeldt
    Arvid Gardin
    Andrey Zagorulko
    Lou Sherman


    Produced by: Rikke Tambo Andersen
    Director of photography: Jasper Spanning
    Gaffer: Baulo “Joca” Alvef
    Best Boy: Hugo Alvef

    Executive Producers: Simon Eiler & Thomas Webster
    Script Consultation by: Daniel Joseph Borgman

    Translater: João Lopez Jr. Jr.
    Horse handlers: Está estável em Estrada do Zimbral
    Camera & lens provided by: Red Rental APS

    Edited by: Mik Stampe Fogh
    Color by: Daniel Daniel De Vue at Bacon X
    Main title design: Morten Gorm
    Titles animated by: Angry Mike at Angry Arts
    Additional editing: Emil Østergaard

    Sound engineered by: Lars Bo Kjaer at Audio Lounge
    ADR recorded by: Adrian

    The producers would like to thank the following:

    Max Scheffknecht
    Luca Einsiedler
    Noora Svahn
    Josefin Lundquist
    Henna mi Wedin
    Kathryn Willcox
    Carl Mertens
    Staff & guests at Rapture Surf Camps Portugal.

    Very special thanks to:

    Rui Riberio and Magic Quiver Surf Shop
    Igreja de São Pedro ou Igreja Paroquial da Ericeira 
    The Lopez Family of Foz de Lizandro

    “Real upset”
    performed, written & produced by Vampire Blow
    courtesy of Magisk Maund.

    “Nothing out there”
    composed by Ry Cooder
    written by David Lindley, Jim Dickinson & Ry Cooder
    for the film Paris Texas
    courtesy of Warner Bros Records.

    performed by The Ventures
    written by Jerry Lord an
    courtesy of 1962 Capital Records LLC

    “I wanna go home”
    performed, written & produced by Vampire Blow
    courtesy of Magisk Maund.

    “He’s alright”
    performed, written & produced by Vampire Blow
    courtesy of Magisk Maund.

    “I really think you’ll let me go”
    performed, written & produced by Vampire Blow
    courtesy of Magisk Maund.

    In the filming of the scene featuring a horse, professional horse handlers were present to assure the horse was not harmed.

    The events, characters and businesses depicted in this photoplay are mostly fictitious. Any similarity of any person living or dead, or actual events or businesses are considered or coincidental.

    Filmed on location in Ericeira Portugal.

    Presented by Rapture Camps in association with NorthWard Digital APS. A Pretty Serious picture.

    Featured on NOWNESS.COM

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  9. Ride the Sky from Page Films on Vimeo.

    Ride the Sky takes you on a journey through the forest and on into the Universe.

    I had the idea of a new astro time-lapse technique in which the camera is pointed right at the north star and mounted to a motorized pivot point directly lined up with the sensor so the camera is able to spin with the stars through the night. This is where inspiration for the title came from. Sit back, relax and Ride the Sky.

    Produced and Directed by Lance Page

    Time-lapse Photography and editing:
    Lance Page

    Original Music:
    Derrek Domino

    Video DP and Gaffer:
    Chris Patterson

    Shot using Emotimo and Dynamic Perception motion control time-lapse gear:

    © 2014 Page Films

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  10. Weekend On Wednesday Trailer from Manu May on Vimeo.

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  11. Video review of the Panasonic GH4 from Philip Bloom Reviews & Tutorials on Vimeo.

    BLOG POST HERE: wp.me/s3ggTR-gh4

    Any donations via the VIMEO tip jar are enormously gratefully received. These are almost entirely self funded, that is why it’s only my second one of the year after the Digital Bolex. Getting time to make them is hard and I can’t take of normal paid work to do them. Donations DO help and do go towards getting more done!

    Finally! After literally weeks of work filming and testing out the camera in countless places and around a week of solid editing it’s hear! Almost 40 minutes of my GH4 review.

    Thanks to holdan.co.uk for help getting this review started! They distribute many pro video products in the UK including Panasonic and Blackmagic cameras.

    Grading is with FilmConvert 10% with code bloom at gopb.co/filmconvert

    All shots apart from the ones of the camera itself shot on the GH4. Main piece to cameras shot in 4K for cropping

    Read more about my thoughts on this camera on my blog post gopb.co/gh4

    Thanks to James Miller for his custom LUTS.

    Music from The Music Bed gopb.co/musicbed

    All songs and artists credited in end video sequentially (apart from Tony Anderson’s second credit which is in the Thailand film)

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  12. 4K: Postcard from Phang Nga from Philip Bloom: Four Corners on Vimeo.

    Filmed on the Panasonic GH4

    Shot on my holiday at the same time as my DJI Phantom/ GoPro film “Koh Yao Noi” gopb.co/koh

    Music by Tony Anderson “A long way out” from The Music Bed GoPb.co/musicbed

    Graded with FilmConvert 10% off wide code bloom at gopb.co/filmconvert and James Miller’s Custom LUTs

    Glass used:


    SIGMA (ART) with Metabones Cinema Camera Speedbooster for Nikon mount

    18-35mm F1.8
    35mm F1.4

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  13. Eleven days with GH4 4K Super 8 anamorphic from Seb Farges on Vimeo.

    It’s now for eleven days that I own my wonderful GH4 :)
    Here is some materials from this laps, taken with my 60’s baby Hypergonar anamorphic 1.75X lens in the 4K cinema mode -short sequence taken with Bolex anamorphic-, there is also shot with the GH4 slow motion mode.
    Fast filming, run and gun documentary style, focusing improvisation

    Baby Hypergonar anamorphic 1.75X lens
    on Qioptiq LINOS Mevis-C C-mount lens 35mm f1.6 (shot taken from f1.6 to f8)

    Bolex anamorphot 16/32/1.5X system Moller anamorphic lens from 1mn10sec to 1mn53sec
    on Nikon 50mm E serie f1.8 pancake lens

    sometimes no diopter (wide shots), sometimes Tokina +0.5 diopter and SLR Magic +0.33, +1.3 achromatic diopters
    no CC, variable Cokin ND filter
    EOSHD guide cineV preset settings
    4KC mode 24P + 1080 96fps to 24fps GH4 slow motion mode
    1080P streaming version on Vimeo, 4K version (4096X1232) available for download
    180° shutter speed except on the slow motion hair shot
    from 200 ASA to 800 ASA

    Music : UA TEA “No more tears”

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  14. JP BOUCHER-video complete- La Estirpe II from jean pierre on Vimeo.

    At around Vancouver BC-Canada.

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  15. Psychedelic SlowMo Shark from Hans Hansen on Vimeo.

    shot with GH4 96 Frames, some post…

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