Feature documentary: 110mn
    Year of production: 2014
    Availability: Dec 2014 - VOD & DVD
    Website: lebecdesrosses-lefilm.com


    Some mythical mountains helped build the reputation of the villages and valleys, in their neighborhood, most of the time through a long human and sporting history, written by men strongly willing to reach their summits. These
    myths, since then, ensure the growth and prosperity of these villages, that became ski resorts. Most of them arouse from the 19th century, sometimes even before.

    But there is an exception in the restricted list of mythical mountains; a mountain whose legend was built much more recently, much quicker. And that legend is not due to the bravery of men who attempted the ascent. No, the
    summit, unlike its peers, can be reached without any major obstacle. What has contributed to its lightning reputation is linked to the exploits of a few men and women, not in the ascent, but the descent, of its breathtaking steep face.

    The advent of freeride revealed its impressive north face, at the heart of the Swiss Wallis. Today, it is renowned as one of the most dreaded in the world. Within only a few years, its name has gone around the planet: The Bec des

    Extreme skiing revealed the Bec des Rosses beyond the borders of Switzerland. It now also gives the opportunity to discover others aspects of its history. Through testimonies of the elderly of the valley as well as mountain
    guides, among many others, this film traces the advent of a unique mountain to passionate people around the world, and uncovers unexpected events of its history.

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  2. SAAS FEE 20LAX14 from Niklas Mattsson on Vimeo.

    Riders: Niklas Mattsson, Måns Hedberg, Ludvig Billtoft

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  3. Beautiful Chemical Reactions from L2 Molecule on Vimeo.

    Eight types of beautiful chemical reactions are presented in this short video. For more information, please visit: BeautifulChemistry.net

    Video & Editing
    Yan Liang (L2Molecule.com)

    Chemical Reaction Design
    Xiangang Tao, Wei Huang, & Yan Liang
    Chemical reactions were shot at the Chemistry Experiment Teaching Center of USTC

    Royalty-free audio clips from Maxon Cinema 4D Assets

    © 2014 Institute of Advanced Technology, University of Science and Technology of China
    © 2014 Tsinghua University Press

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  4. MEC FOU - a tribute to Patrick Dewaere from KAIROS on Vimeo.

    A film by Sebastian Vargas
    Featuring Hector Fassa
    A tribute to Patrick Dewaere
    D.O.P Dino Berguglia
    General assistant Zahra Vargas
    Music by Poshboy


    Thanks to Seize Supapes, Sirocco connection, Johannes Breyer and Leo Marthaler.

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  5. NYC GH4 from Louis du Mont on Vimeo.

    Music: RoyaltyFreeKings.com
    Camera: Panasonic Lumix GH4, C4K 4096x2160, 0-255, Cine-D
    Lenses: Lumix 14-140mm, Lumix 7-14mm, Nikkor 85mm 1.8
    Software: After Effects CC 2014, Premier CC 2014

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  6. Ä Bowl JÄm 2014 from Ästhetiker on Vimeo.

    Check out some Impressions from the Ä Bowl JÄm 2014 …..

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  7. new1080p24 from ch3f on Vimeo.

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  8. scott stevens skate part ‘14 “NO COUNTRY FOR BAD BURKE” from scott stevens on Vimeo.

    edited by suzygreenberg270



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  9. Woptime - Anthem Live from ch3f on Vimeo.

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  10. Unicorn Picnic | Pretty Faces Teaser from Unicorn Picnic Productions on Vimeo.

    We know, you’ve been holding your breath. Here it is. Unicorn Picnic presents the Pretty Faces trailer….turns out it does exist.

    Special Thanks To: Eddie Bauer, REI, GoPro, FlyLow, Smith Optics, Backcountry.com Glacier City Media, Stella Media, Stohke, Earlyups, Blister Gear, Mike Doyle, FatBlades, Teadora, SlideWright, the Toast, Centro, Coalition Snow, Liftopia, Heidiskis, PowPowPow

    For more information including tour information head to unicornpicnic.com

    FEATURING: Rachael Burks / Lynsey Dyer / Ingrid Backstrom / Elyse Saugstad / Angel Collinson / Nadia Samer / Lexi Dupont / Louise Lintilhac / Jacqui Edgerly / Suzanne Graham / Tatum Monod / Izzy Lynch / Leah Evans / Kristen Ulmer / Wendy Fisher
    Devin Logan, Claire Smallwood, Pip Hunt, Hadley Hammer, Katie Rowenkamp, Paige Fitzgerald, Rebecca Selig, Amie Engerbretson, Crystal Wright, Mckenna Peterson, Ane Enderund, Sydney Dickinson, Nicole Yavis,
    Cristy Watson, Eva Walkner, Kellie Okonek, Hilaree O’neill, Jess Mcmillan, Dania Assaly, Jamie Crane-mauzy, Brita Sigourny, Julia Krass, Kimmy Sharp, Carly Davis, Kim Havell, Molly Baker, AJ Cargill, Marja Persson, Andrea Binning, Langley Mcneal, Sophia Schwartz, Brooke Edwards, Sophie Pearson, Hannah Lutzker, Karen Girouard, Kit DesLauriers, Meghan Kelly, Cheryl Hickey, & many more!

    Shot on location: Alyeska * Jackson Hole * Retallack * Eagle Pass * Revelstoke * Mike Wiegele Heli Skiing * Utah * Whistler * Baker * East Coast

    Music: “Don’t Wait” as performed by Mapei, provided courtesy of Downtown Records, Downtown Music Publishing and Universal Music Publishing

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  11. The Making of a Celebrity Portrait by Ian Ruhter from Ian Ruhter : Alchemist on Vimeo.

    Based on who this person is I knew I would scrutinize this image far more than any other portrait that I had ever made. During this project “The Making of a Celebrity Portrait,” it redefined how I view celebrities. It made me question if celebrity culture influenced us so greatly that we want to be portrayed like them. In a world that revolves around social networking and selfies I started wondering what these images really say about us.

    NOW IT’S YOUR TURN. I’m asking you to include a photograph of yourself for this project. The idea is to collect many images so we can create one picture of who we really are. On Instagram, #iamthecelebrity with a portrait of you. Follow @ian_ruhter and @Profotoglobal for project updates. All month long we’ll be cataloguing and commenting on these images. Once this is done we’ll create the final project—stay tuned for updates!

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  12. Powell-Peralta’s Nice Beaver Tour: Pt. 1 from Ultimate Distribution on Vimeo.

    The Powell-Peralta team invaded Western Canada on their “Nice Beaver Tour” for Concrete Skateboard Magazine’s Issue #132. This is part 1 of their journey. Thanks to Bones Wheels, Stiffy’s, Stuntwood and Authentic Boardshop, and to Squamish, Poco and Surrey for having us.

    Charlie Blair
    Victor Aceves
    Brendon Villanueva
    Nolan Munroe
    Zack Kuehne
    Brad McClain
    Ben Raybourn
    Chris Russel
    Cody Lockwood

    @ultimatedist @powellperalta

    Cover Photo By: Brian Cassie
    Filmed By: Kolby Harris, Terry LaRue
    Video By: Kolby Harris

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  13. Pushing through the darkness from Silvio Ottonello on Vimeo.

    “Pushing through the darkness” is a short video project about skateboarding in the city night.
    Practicing skateboarding during the daylight hours is the normal routine for skateboarders: they meet at the skatepark to chill with the friends and to play game of S.K.A.T.E. match or to try to learn new tricks. Especially during the summer, when the days are hotter and longer and just try to do a kick flip makes you sweat, discovering the city night with your best friends is the best thing to do as skateboarder. Night session can be the best option to skate with a cooler temperature, with less traffic, and to access some skate spots that are off limits during the day. When the sun sets and the night falls over the streets, skateboarders begin their night life. Sharing passions and challenges practicing skateboarding can become something special, something rare and unforgettable. Approaching a night session as a skateboarder is different from a normal daytime session: there are many difficulties in practicing during nightime and darkness obviously being the main one.
    Trying to focus on a trick is harder, solving the problems on the in run, on the landing or on the sketchy flat, and generally navigating the spot are more difficult. For all these reasons concentration, determination and perseverance must be at their highest during a night session.This is what makes a simple grind down a rail or a tech line on a street curb special, intense and amazing.
    This project lays between the action-sports video and the documentary genres. Focusing on the emotions and the intense relationship between skateboarders and the streets of their cities, “Pushing through the darkness” gives a bright vision of skateboarding in the city night.

    Name of the project: “Pushing through the darkness”
    Director: Silvio Ottonello
    Produced by: DLQ creative factory
    Sport: skateboarding
    Protagonists: skateboarders based in Liguria (Italy) - skateboarders in general Location: mainly street spots and local skateparks in Liguria
    Supported by: Homies Skateshop - Skatetoua crew - Wild Skateboarding - Alone Collective
    Soundtrack: “Pushing through the darkness” produced by Disorder Logo design: Leandro Muda - Makeimage

    more info at this link:

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  14. X-Double Toskana Tour from Peter Mader on Vimeo.

    The X-Double Toskana Tour presented by: Muckefuck, Dragon, X-Double, Decay, PlanB, Destructo and GoPro
    Starring: Norbert Weitenbacher, Arian Kindl, Alban Millaku, Katharina Neuwirth, Jan Kössl, Ralf Edlinger, Patrik Pittl and Steve Ebner
    Filmed and edited by: Peter Mader
    Photography by: Dominique Huter Photography

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  15. GH4 4K Speedbooster Metabones Test at Naples from Valpopando on Vimeo.

    Panasonic GH4 test
    Nikkor and Tokina lenses with Speedbooster Metabones
    Cinema 4K 24P 4096 x 2160
    Profile CINE D -2-1-5-1-0
    i.D OFF - i.R OFF - Pedest. 0 - Light/Shadows -1+2

    -Tokina AT-X Pro 11-16mm f/2.8 DX II -
    -Nikkor 35mm f/2-8 ai-s
    -Nikkor 50mm f/1.8 G
    -Nikkor 70-200 f/4 G

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